Through his children’s books and workshops, Lou Bevacqui strives to share what he has learned from his study of eastern philosophy, Acupuncture practice, coaching, and the practice of personal mental and emotional self-awareness.  Lou truly believes building self-awareness at a young age can make it second nature for kids and young adults alike to become more attuned with their own emotions, and develop tools that make it possible for them to choose the way they want to feel.

As a father and a coach, Lou watched his own kids and others’ children struggle to identify and express their feelings; watching harmful emotions grow inside them and settle in for the long haul, or burst out of them in an unhealthy or unproductive manner, causing them embarrassment or shame.  This led Lou to develop emotional and mental tools children can use to maintain a sense of emotional balance so they are not held hostage to whatever emotions arise inside them. When children learn language and tools to identify and govern their emotions they become more attuned with what is going on both inside and outside of them.  “I have seen kids became more compassionate and understanding of themselves,” Lou shared, “which in turn has led them to be more understanding of others.”

Lou believes that building emotional self-awareness is something all kids could use.  Lou’s books are intended to help children and their parents identify and understand their emotions, increase their emotional self-awareness and attunement, and create tools for themselves that allow the possibility for them to choose the way they want to feel.

Lou lives in Fayston, Vermont with his wife, two amazing kids…and two extremely emotionally reserved cats.