I’ve got your back.  

When we work together on a specific challenge close to your heart, I support you by coaching you, motivating you, and helping you hold your accountability.  You’ll train smarter, not harder, make allies out of your fears and master your emotions quicker, more efficiently and effectively.

Get Coaching in Four easy steps


Schedule a time for us to talk.


We see if my system makes sense for you. No pressure.


We work together for whatever “bouts” (challenges) you decide to take on… or any that life has left at your doorstep.


You gain emotional mastery, a better relationship with your fear, and the confidence that you can use all of your emotions to achieve whatever is most important to you.

Coaching for Individuals or Groups

Either as a stand-alone service, or a follow-up for workshop participants, Lou provides coaching to individuals or groups to support their practice and implementation of his START Right method.  Within three coaching sessions participants share that they are able to effectively apply the method in daily situations and realize a noticeable benefit for themselves in addressing their personal goals or challenges.  Coaching can be provided in person or by phone.

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Coaching Pricing:

Free initial consultation – 30 min.

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