A Gentle Reminder…

It’s tough writing my blog today, because well…my sleep left a bit to be desired last night, and I am unfortunately still waiting on a date for my workshops, as well as wondering when exactly my book will be coming out. It’s a time for patience…so…if anyone has any they could spare, please give me a shout, and I’ll come by at your earliest convenience and pick it up.

It’s not as though I’m not focused and getting other things done. I have been having good results with my patients in my acupuncture practice, getting my training hours in for my upcoming marathon, and making up a new game with my kids (‘indoor football’ – tackling allowed, but loud noises prohibited 😉 ) … I’ve even taken the opportunity to run with some of the runners from my fall cross-country team.

It’s when I start to work on anything related to my blogs, workshops, or books, that I can feel my brain jump the tracks and take the closest ‘A-train’ over to a station called “But when is all this going to happen?” My brain does eventually end up coming back to the task at hand, but the energy spent bringing it back is always costly.  What I usually look for during those times are gentle reminders of why what I am doing is important.  I may not be able to answer the “when” with absolute certainty, but knowing the “Why” usually helps my mind find its way back home to the task I need to be focused on.

Yesterday, I had one of those privileged times to run with a bunch of my Middle School Cross Country kids out of season. They had emailed asking if we could run together to add to their track workouts.  These animals ended up running close to 5 miles in an hour (without having really done any distance running since our season last fall), and a few pushed even a bit longer with me, covering 7 miles in total.  No real whining, or complaining.  Just shooting the breeze, telling stories, and happy to see each other, while trudging through muddy trails, and grabbing close to 1,000 feet in elevation.  Of course it hurt.  Those kids hadn’t run close to that since last season, but they chose to deal with the adversity, and govern their emotions, stave off the instant gratification of just stopping early, and finish their mileage.

So…with a bit less than 4 hours of sleep last night, I’m writing a blog. I don’t want to write a blog.  I want to go and have a huge ‘trucker sized’ breakfast (you know that ‘combo’ special at your local diner… The one boxed off in the lower corner of the menu 🙂 ) followed by a good nap.  But that’s not going to happen today.  I’m going to push forward before my next patient and finish this, because a bunch of my Middle School Cross Country Runner’s gave me a ‘gentle remember’ of ‘why’ it is important that every kid gets a chance at building that kind of emotional resilience.