Here are a few of Lou's most requested signature talks: What would you do if you had no emotions?, Does fighting fire with fire ever work?, Deciphering your "black box"

What would You Do if You Had No Emotions?

  • Understanding how to use the information of your emotions rather than being used by them.
  • When your environment elicits an emotion from you, learn how to stop and identify your feelings.
  • So they are not the sole decision makers for your actions.
  • Understand how to determine whether the information your emotions provide serve your best interests.
  • Build mental-emotional tools that you can use to help you choose the life you want to lead.

Does Fighting Fire with Fire Ever Work?

  • Maintaining your internal emotional climate.
  • Learn to keep your emotional center in difficult situations. Develop empathy for others and the situations around you no matter how
    emotionally charged.
  • Build tools to have more effective interactions with others.

Deciphering your "black box"
Stop emotionally beating yourself up by taking in the whole picture.

  • Cultivate your "big picture" view finder and begin to see all that has happened in any situation.
  • Create your own mental-emotional toolbox so you can choose to emphasize in your mind the parts of any big picture
    events that best serve you.
  • Develop tools that help you learn the most from your setbacks, as well as take how to take in your wins, and really own the confidence you’ve earned from them.