Emotional Awareness and Resilience Coach, Author, and Speaker

Lou’s Bio

As an Emotional Awareness coach, Author, and Speaker, Lou’s mission is to help men, women, and children understand and gain ownership over their emotions, so they can live the life they choose.

Through his personal experience of having successfully completed a multitude of endurance athletic events over the past decade, including the Boston Marathon, several Ironman events, and ultramarathons, as well through his study of eastern medicine and philosophy Lou has developed an important set of mental and emotional tools that have the ability to benefit anyone looking to bring their best selves to every situation.

Beyond his own practice, Lou has discovered how to translate his knowledge into tools for patients in his acupuncture practice, the youth he coaches, parents, business owners, and other athletes. Through his talks and workshops, Lou helps youth, parents, business owners, athletes and leaders gain ownership of their choices by knowing how to use their emotions in a way that serves their individual goals, whether for sports or for life.

What people are saying

  • “I was having real difficulty, not just creating a relationship with my son and daughter,
    but being able to
    parent him without getting caught in my anger all the time.
    After being in Lou’s workshop, I definitely feel more in control
    of my emotions and actions at work, with my kids, everywhere.“

    – Educator and mother of two

    “Lou is able to take things that most of us feel and have difficulty expressing and give words to them. He makes what we’re feeling excessable to us through humor and great story telling.”

    – Social Worker, mother of three