What’s it all about

Have you ever asked yourself, “What would my life be like if I didn’t have fear holding me back? If self-doubt wasn’t an issue, what challenges would I go after?”

If these questions sound familiar, believe me, you’re not alone. I have tools
and resources to help you use all of your emotions to transform your dreams into your achievements.

If uncomfortable emotions are hurting your team’s, organization’s, or business’s productivity, I can help

Virtual Resilience Coaching

Virtual Acupuncture and Performance Coaching

Stay ‘in Flow’ for your training, your competition, for your life! When we work together on your specific challenge, I support you by cultivating your optimal health through eastern medicine, coaching, and motivation, so your energy stays coherent and ‘in flow’ enabling you to perform at your best. You’ll train…


Speaking & Workshops

Speaking and Workshops Inspiration and Motivation that sticks. Whether speaking with a group of 1,200 newly freshman students at a college, or working in a more intimate group setting, I am passionate about sharing my gifts and life lessons to promote positive transformation and change.  Through warmth, intensity, and humor,…


Train at the START Right Gym

COMING SOON ! My on-line gym WILL OFFER you training that you can do at home, on the go, and always in private.  These invaluable “gym stations” strengthen your emotional ‘muscle’, by training you in the critical skills necessary to master all of your emotions, and achieve whatever is most…


What people are saying

  • “Lou is patient, funny, and genuine. His support and gentle nudges towards naming and addressing challenges while providing skills and practice to navigate said challenges are stellar and I highly recommend his coaching and virtual acupuncture services!”

    – Educator and Trail runner

  • “Lou is able to take things that most of us feel and have difficulty expressing and give words to them. He makes what we’re feeling accessible to us through humor and great story telling.”

    – Social Worker, mother of three

  • “Lou is one of those special peopl who gets kids AND adults.  You see it in his coaching cross-country as well as his books and workshops.  His compassionate treatment of children and adults alike as we learn to help each other grow in emotional awareness and skills is so needed today, so centering and enlivening.  Thank you Lou for all you are and what you do with it!”

    Sally Kendall, MT and Intructor