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Speaking to Groups: Universities, Businesses, Community Organizations

Lou Bevacqui shares the importance of mental-emotional resilience and introduces his START Right method to those looking to cultivate tools that will help them arrive at the starting line of any situation in their lives mentally and emotionally centered.  Accessing your full mental and emotional capacity enables you to be a more effective parent, partner, friend, colleague, manager or leader.  The START Right method helps individuals build emotional awareness and learn tools to center themselves, so they can choose their best response to situations that arise around them.


Workshops for Groups, Businesses or Organizations

Using his START Right method, Lou teaches tools to help participants cultivate emotional self-awareness.  Participants are introduced to the idea that their emotions do not define them (“I am angry”).  Rather, emotions are something they “feel,” and feelings change.  When we understand this, we are able to successfully govern ourselves and our reactions.  Participants will learn ways they can continue to practice these skills after the workshop and move to mastery. 

Workshops are tailored to meet needs of your group or organization. Groups that have benefited from workshops with Lou include: teachers, health care providers, athletes, and students. Follow-up coaching is available to facilitate skill building (see below for more information).


Specialty Workshops for Parents or Adults Working with Children and Youth

What can we do as adults (parents, mentors, teachers, health professionals, faith leaders, etc.) to help our children to make healthy choices for themselves?

As caregivers and leaders for our children and within our community it is vital for us to help our children to be able to identify and use the information that their emotions provide when they make decisions, rather than allowing their emotions to make decisions for them – causing them to repress, act out, or engage in risky behaviors. 

Lou helps parents, mentors, coaches, and others working with children learn methods to find their own emotional center, so you can engage effectively with children – interacting with intention and mindfulness.  You will learn simple tools and techniques you can share with children to help them build emotional resilience. 

Workshops can be customized your organization or communities’ needs and culture.


Coaching for Individuals or Groups

Either as a stand-alone service, or a follow-up for workshop participants, Lou provides coaching to individuals or groups to support their practice and implementation of his START Right method.  Within three coaching sessions participants share that they are able to effectively apply the method in daily situations and realize a noticeable benefit for themselves in addressing their personal goals or challenges.  Coaching can be provided in person or by phone.

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